To keep it simple we are using 'levels 1-4' as a description of the level of workshop. Here is a useful guide:

Level 1 (Beginners). This is for you if you have never danced salsa before, think you have two left feet or just want to 'ease' into it. Everyone is welcome, and we promise to get you dancing.

Level 2 (Improvers). Discovered that you do have a right foot after all? If you are feeling ready for some basic turns and are more than comfortable with the beginners class then its time to move on. We will still take you through it slowly with thorough explanations.

Level 3 (Intermediates). Here you can meet the challenge of more complicated turns and learn a routine. Joining fellow dancers of a similar ability makes for a constructive class and even more people to dance with at a Party night.

Level 4 (Advanced). Surprise, surprise! It gets more complicated with emphasis placed on styling, additional footwork and greater variety.

'on2' & 'La Rueda' levels

We really recommend that you take your time with each level so that you are completely comfortable with everything before you move on to the next. Sometimes it helps to be doing both levels at the same time for a while to get used to it. Donít forget though, the best way to progress is to not be shy, and always stay and enjoy yourselves dancing at the party nights, even if you feel you donít know a lot.

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