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last updated . . . Wednesday 24 August, 2005

Welcome to MauricioReyes.com . This site is still under construction, please come back soon. See below for short Biography & gigs list

MAURICIO REYES of Latin Motion (Birmingham)
awarded 'Top UK Salsa DJ', 'Top Regional Promoters' & 'Services to Salsa'
(2003 congresses)

Originally from Latin America but based in Birmingham (UK), Mauricio Reyes is the founder & co-promoterof Latin Motion, the biggest salsa outfit in the Midlands since it was established in the early 1990's. Mauricio has been dancing and listening to salsa all of his life and has been teaching salsa dance since the tender age of 17. As a DJ he is guaranteed to read the crowd, spinning a broad range of top salsa, from NY to LA, Colombian to Cuban, etc. SALSA pa' bailar - dura pero sabrosa! Mauricio has been DJ-ing since 1994, playing and teaching regularly all over the Midlands, the UK and abroad. He is a regular DJ at some of the UKs biggest salsa events, and has been awarded 'Top UK Salsa DJ', 'Top Regional Promoters' & 'Services to Salsa' awards at the 2003 congresses. As a dedicated salsa DJ, dance instructor and promoter for over a decade, Mauricio’s work within the UK salsa scene has been extensive. He has introduced & taught a huge number of people to Salsa, including many other Salsa dance teachers in and around Birmingham.

Guest Gigs Coming Up Soon (DJing or Teaching or both) :
25th Aug (Thu) > Live Salsa @ the Jam House, Birmingham www.thejamhouse.com
28th Aug (Sun) > MosoLatino @ MosoMoso, Manchester www.mosomoso.co.uk
10th Sep (Sat) > Deep Impact @ St Anne's Club, Birmingham
17th Sep (Sat) > Bristol Big Latin Night Out @ Bristol www.bristoldance.biz
21st Sep (Wed) > Salsamania @ Fiesta Havana, Bristol www.salsamania.biz
22nd Sep (Thu) > Salsa in Stratford @ Cox's Yard, Stratford www.coxsyard.co.uk
23-25 Sep (Fri-Sun) > Salsa-UK Congress @ Butlins, Bogner Regis www.salsa-uk.com
8-15 Oct (Sat-Sat) > Salsahols @ Valencia, Spain www.salsahols.com
15-22 Oct (Sat-Sat) > Salsa in Spain @ Malaga, Spain www.eagleactivities.co.uk
3rd Nov (Thu) > Salsa in Stratford @ Cox's Yard, Stratford www.coxsyard.co.uk
11-13 Nov (Fri-Sun) > Guernsey weekender @ Guernsey
31 Dec (Sat) > NYE Salsa Bash @ St Anne's, B'ham www.latinmotion.co.uk
6-7 Jan 2006 (Fri-Sat) > 12th Night @ York www.salsayork.com
3-5 Feb 2006 (Fri-Sun) > BritSalsaFest @ Blackpool, UK www.britsalsafest.com
16-19 Feb (Thu-Sun) >Sela-Salsa Congreso @ Marbella, Spain www.sela-salsa.com
plus all the time > Latin Motion events in Birmingham www.latinmotion.co.uk

DJing at ...


The Congress takes place 23- 25 September 2005
at the Butlins Resort in Bognor Regis(UK)

www.britsalsafest.com 3rd-5th Feb 2006

For bookings please contact
tel : 00 44 7973 402 911

please visit our home page at www.latinmotion.co.uk for more info
© Copyright 2005, Mauricio Reyes, Latin Motion